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About us

Our mission

We want to give you peace of mind while you’re away.

We offer 24/7 family experience for every dog that we look after. Our fur-guests stay with us and our 3 little dogs in our own home. No kennels!

They go on regular daily walks, and, at nighttime, they sleep in our lounge on any of our several dog beds and cushions. We are the “home away from home” for your dog.

We are experienced, professional and compassionate dog-sitters who will offer your dog the same care and love that they get from their own families.

Why choose us

We provide comfort and enrichment

Every fur-guest stays with us in our own house and with our three little dogs: Rocky, Wookie and Joseph.

At Rocky & Co. Pet Care the dogs have fully fenced large play areas with a dog playground and an agility course.

If your dog is older and requires more rest, there are plenty of grassed areas and sensory gardens to stimulate and relax your dog. Our trees provide shade on hot, summer days.

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Our house is comfortable, cozy and warm for those cold, winter days. Our fur-guests have free roam of our house and property during the day. When it’s bedtime, they sleep inside our house in the lounge, right next door to our bedroom.

It’s a delight to be able to offer personalised dog care service to those dog owners who understand our animal handling ethics. Above all, we love that we can offer our dog customers the same treatment that we give our pets.

dogs sleeping in the house

Rocky's family


Anna is originally from Brazil. She moved to New Zealand in 2011 to study at the University of Canterbury.

She met Blair in 2013 and their love for animals and a life in the countryside got them to raise a loving animal family in Kaiapoi with dogs, sheep, goats, chickens and turkeys.


Blair is a Kiwi and he loves the outdoors. He also enjoys fishing and reading. Blair and Rocky were already a pair when they met Anna in 2013.

Together, Blair, Anna and Rocky built a loving family and decided to share their love with other dogs and animals that they adopted throughout the years.


Alex is originally from England, but he’s been in New Zealand since he was a teenager.

He is passionate about caring for animals. He has experience in rescuing and re-homing pets. He’s our cat expert.


Debbie is a loving, caring mother of three who joined our team in 2022 as a volunteer.

Her dedication and true love for animals earned her a permanent position as daycare handler/pet-sitter.

How Rocky & Co. Pet Care came to be

We began dog-sitting in 2014. What started as a hobby of looking after family and/or friends’ dogs slowly grew into a passion for compassionate, personalised dog care in our own home.

We call it the Homestay for Dogs with a Family Experience: the dogs that we look after stay with us inside the house. No kennels!

First, it was called Anna & Rocky Pet Care because we only had Rocky then. As the number of furry clients grew, and we adopted more dogs (Wookie in 2015, Jack in 2017 – R.I.P., and Joseph in 2021), we had to come up with a name that included all our dogs and their new friends. Thus, Rocky & Co. Pet Care was born!

Specialist carers

Anna is very curious about animal behaviour and welfare, and studies a lot to provide the best customised and mindful treatment to all fur-clients attending Rocky & Co. Pet Care

Anna is currently studying to become a DISTINCTIVE dog trainer and behaviourist as an extra support for clients and their dogs in their training endeavour.

Distinctive - dog behavioural knowledge
Dog care specialist certificate

It’s a delight to be able to offer a personalised dog care service to those dog owners who understand our animal handling ethics. Above all, we love that we can offer to our dog customers the same treatment that we give our own pets.

” We want to give you peace of mind while you’re away. “

Our local partners

beryl's k9 treats

Beryl's K9 Treats

Dog treats and birthday cakes are made with natural and organic ingredients. Beryl's K9 Treat is an in-house business partner of Rocky & Co. Pet Care that will guarantee healthy and delicious treats to your besties.

Bella Mobili

Bella Mobili

Bespoken carpentry & furniture design service located in Christchurch. Rocky & Co. Pet Care's outdoor playground was designed and built by Bella Mobili which is a local reference in the designed carpentry industry scene.

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5-star on Google

Danika Sturges Archie's mum

Anna does a fantastic job looking after Archie for a few days during the week and also when we go on holiday.
Archie loves going to daycare, he has such a fun time and it's great socialisation. I highly recommend Rocky & Co. Pet Care to anyone wanting to give their dog some fun social time with a great group of dogs

Peter Cairney Robbie's dad

Really pleased Robbie has settled in so well.
Not sure what he does all day but he comes home tired, happy and hungry every day. Anna and the team create a great environment for the dogs who love their time at Rocky & Co. Pet Care.

reviews - Kalen
Kalen More Clay's dad

The team is amazing and super accommodating.
My dog feels very comfortable and very much enjoys his time there.
Photos and video updates are sent for peace of mind which is an amazing personal touch. Wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

Saraa Howard- reviews
Saara Howard Riley's Mum

Mum and Dad's wee dog Riley wasn’t used to being away from them but since we found Rocky & Co. Pet Care with Anna and her team, they trust them to look after their precious pup and have been able to take holidays without worry!
Riley has a blast! Walks and cuddles.. and lots of photos shared to keep us updated!! Best ever!

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